PTO Meeting Schedule

At this time, our monthly meetings will be held via Zoom. We will offer both a daytime and evening meeting to accommodate more schedules. Click here for the PTO calendar!  If you would like to attend a PTO meeting, please email the day prior to the meeting and we will send you a Zoom invite. You will need to include your name and email address in your email. These meetings are casual, informative and usually include reports from our principal, Dr. Brett Potts, PTO committees, and occasional programs about issues impacting our students or community.

In the event the meeting is held at the school, please make sure to sign in at the front office.  Meetings held at the school are held in the faculty dining room (next to the Commons).
Meeting Minutes & financials




May 2019 Budget vs. Actual

May 2019 Balance Sheet

May 2019 Meeting Minutes


April 2019 Budget vs. Actual

April 2019 Balance Sheet

April 2019 Meeting Minutes


March 2019 Budget vs. Actual

March 2019 Balance Sheet 

March 2019 Meeting Minutes


February 2019 Budget vs. Actual

February 2019 Balance Sheet

February 2019 Meeting Minutes 


January 2019 Budget vs. Actual

January 2019 Balance Sheet 

January 2019 Meeting Minutes


December 2018 Budget vs. Actual

December 2018 Balance Sheet

December 2018 Meeting Minutes -  no meeting


November 2018 Budget vs. Actual

November 2018 Balance Sheet

November 2018 Meeting Minutes


October 2018 Budget vs. Actual

October 2018 Balance Sheet


September 2018 Budget vs. Actual

September 2018 Balance Sheet


August 2018 Budget vs. Actual

August 2018 Balance Sheet


July 2018 Budget vs. Actual

July 2018 Balance Sheet 


Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events

Why join the PTO?

Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!

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